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Nov 7, 2015 |

Your Engagement Ring Is Forever

cushion cut engagement ringMen who deeply care about the woman that they are going to marry, focus a lot on the engagement ring that they intend to buy. They do not put all that attention on that ring for material reasons but more for what it represents. A ring has come to be a massive statement of intent with tradition and social pressure attached to it. As a result, most men feel very nervous about buying an engagement ring hoping not to make a mistake about their choice. However, let us remember what an engagement ring actually is.

The first thing that a ring represents is your undying, eternal love for this woman, embodied by the circle of the ring band. This historical meaning is often forgotten and in any cases people do not even realise this is the original intent of a betrothal ring. Rather, we have become influenced by the diamond mining industry to think of an engagement ring as a token of love shown by the size and quality of the diamond.

Following on from this more modern association, an engagement ring these days is a reflection of who you are as a man and what that woman means to you. This is why men will save for months on end to get the perfect ring for that ideal woman. We think this is good practice because this is your partner forever and you want her to have the very best. You want that ring to represent everything that you feel about her. Some will say that the ring is just a ring but we know that’s not true. It is important to have some perspective and make sure that you do not go broke buying a ring you cannot really afford, but it is a good idea to save money so that you can afford the right ring for your fiancĂ©e.

The ring that you buy for her will display your feelings of what she means to you. She will be very proud of it and want to show it off to her friends. We know how she’s told them everything about you and here she can show them what you mean to her. Not only does your ring show her friends and other people how much you value her as a life partner, a good ring also shows that she is not available. While this is a bit of a masculine attitude it is nonetheless, one that has developed over time and still has significance today.

Diamond engagement ring AucklandYou want the ring that you give her to mean everything that you feel about her. This is not the time to skimp, this is not the time to be cheap, and this is not the time to be practical. Rather it is the time to run hot with passion and to give her the ring that she deserves. The ring does not have to be the most expensive or the biggest stone but it should reflect her style and taste. After all, she will be wearing it until her dying day and will be a reminder of the love that you have.

An engagement ring is not just a ring; it is a traditional entity and a representation of how you fell about this most important woman in your life. For more information and advice on choosing an engagement ring in New Zealand, visit this website to see some fantastic designs and styles.

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