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Jul 17, 2018 |

5 Reasons A Professional West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Company Is The Safer Option


Professional West Auckland Carpet Cleaning CompanyCarpets need to be cleaned regularly not only for appearances sake but also to increase the lifespan and to be hygienic. However, regular carpet cleaning can also have negative results, especially if you are doing the cleaning yourself.


Here’s why professional West Auckland carpet cleaning company is the safer option for your carpets as well as for you and your family:


  1. Damage To Carpets


All types of carpet cleaning techniques are not suitable for all types of carpets. If you use the incorrect technique, it could lead to damage. Carpets can warp, stretch, shrink or the colours could run and fade.


For example, wet carpet cleaning is not ideal for wool carpets and steam cleaning can cause dyes to run in other types of carpets. A professional West Auckland carpet cleaning company will know which cleaning method is best suited to your specific carpet and will use techniques to minimise the risk of damage.


  1. Drying Time


One of the biggest factors to take into consideration when cleaning carpets is how wet the carpets will be after the process is completed and how long it will take for them to dry. The longer the carpets remain wet, the more likely they are to become damaged.


Professional carpet cleaning uses water extraction equipment to remove as much moisture as possible to increase drying time. They may also employ ventilation techniques as well as fans and heaters to speed up the drying time even further.


  1. Detergent Residue


Ever noticed that your carpets tend to get dirtier much faster after they have been cleaned? This is because commercial carpet shampoos leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt and no amount of vacuuming or cleaning will reduce this residue.


Professional carpet cleaners use detergents that are less likely to leave a residue or employ techniques to remove this residue. This means that carpets will need to be cleaned less often when using a professional cleaner which will also result in an increased lifespan.


  1. Stubborn Dirt And Stain Removal


No matter how often you clean your carpets, some dirt and stains are difficult or even impossible to remove. Professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge and expertise on how to treat different types of stains to eliminate them much more effectively. A simple pre-treatment should remove most stubborn stains and dirt as part of a total carpet cleaning solution.


  1. The Cost Of A Professional West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Company


Most people are under the impression that professional carpet cleaning is expensive and that it is much cheaper to clean their carpets themselves. However, when you take into consideration the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment, detergents as well as the fact that carpets will need to be cleaned more regularly, the professional option does not seem that costly in relation to the services and value that you are receiving.


In addition, the risk of damage to the carpets is decreased as the longevity of your carpets increases with expert cleaning. The cost of replacing a damaged carpet or carpets that have become worn from regular cleaning far outweighs the cost of a professional West Auckland carpet cleaning company.


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