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May 26, 2019 |

Definitions Of SEO Terms

Wellington SEO One of the more confusing things about trying to market a business online is becoming familiar with the different Internet marketing terms and learning what they mean. The following are some of the most commonly used SEO terms along with their definitions to help you better understand them provided by a Wellington SEO company.

– SEO: This is short for Search Engine Optimisation and a general term that is used for describing strategies and methods that can help your website rank better in the search engine results.

– On-page SEO: These are strategies and methods that are used by a website owner internally on their website to improve their website ranks.

– Off-page SEO: This covers strategies and methods that a website owner uses externally on other people’s blogs and websites to help them improve their website rankings.

– Backlinking: This type of off-page SEO technique involves obtaining links from other people’s site that point back to your website. The links are referred to as backlinks.

– No follow links: These are a type of backlink that doesn’t carry the authority or power of the page rank of the website they are on.

– Do follow links: This type of backlink has the page rank of the website that they are from and flows to the backlinked website.

– White hat SEO: This includes ethical SEO techniques that are used by a website owner for promoting their site that the search engines view favorably.

– Black hat SEO: This includes unethical SEO techniques that website owners use for promoting their sites that the search engines view as undesirable that an get them banned from the search results.

– Backlink profile: That refers to the combination of the various kinds of backlinks that are used by a webmaster.

– Backlink Value: This calculates the power of backlinks that need to be built by a website owner. The backlink value equals the number of backlinks that are built multiplied by the strength of every backlink (that is based on the page of the website that the backlink comes from).

– Anchor Text: This refers to the clickable section of text in the article or other content. When it is clicked it directs the user to another website or page.

Wellington SEO – Page Rank: This refers to the search engines measure of authority of a website on a scale of 0-10. Individual web pages are ranked by the search engines and not whole websites.

– Contextual links: This is a type of backlinks that are embedded in text that has other content surrounding it. They are the most powerful kind of backlink, especially when they appear on the homepage of a website.

– Keyword density: this is the number times that a keyword appears in a text that is expressed in terms of a percentage. 3% is ideal.

– Outbound Links: This is a type of link that is created by the website owner from his website to an external link in contrast to a backlink that is a link from an external site to his website.

– Index: This term refers to when a search engine locates content out on the web and then lists them in their search results. There is some content that gets indexed more quickly than other types.

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